Morrison, William Brief Description
International economist/financial consultant with 35 years of experi¬ence in market research, financial planning, and economic planning and analy¬sis. He has directed, led and participated in a wide variety of project development efforts including due diligence exercises, feasibility studies, financial advisory services, and project financings. He has also managed engineering design and consulting efforts for associated projects.

International Financial and Economic Consultant to the aluminum industry with experience in Southeast Asia, Russia, India, USA, Eastern Europe, and Africa. Has extensive knowledge of the global aluminum industry in terms of markets, technology, economic and finance.

Former principal economist for Kaiser Engineers and its successor companies with responsibility for development of client projects and project finance.

Capable of configuring new projects and reconfiguring existing operations.Has authored papers on the market and economic aspects of aluminum manufacturing including: bauxite, alumina, primary production and secondary recovery.