Peter Flisakowski Brief Description
International consultant to the aluminum industry with extensive experience in Europe, Asia, Russia, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and USA.

Over 20 years of Cast House experience as a production engineer and metallurgist. Responsibilities included designing, developing and evaluating molten metal processing equipment and degassing systems.

Specific knowledge base includes molten metal processing, molten metal treatment, molten metal cleanliness in billet and ingot casting. Planned and performed numerous in plant molten metal tests to detect, identify and eliminate casting inclusions.

Conducted process audits for cast houses using 100 % cold charge materials. Audit results increase cast house daily productivity by over 50%.

Publications include, (co-authored) "In-Process Refining Using Pyrotek's Rotary Injector Systems" in TMS 2004 and APT Aluminium Process & Product Technology (reprint).

Developed and received a U.S. patent for a degassing vessel and lid ("Lid and Containment Vessel for Refining Molten Aluminum").