Alumina Refining

Anjier, Joseph Alumina precipitation process including operation, research, engineering and design.
Banvolgi, George Processing of bauxites of different types and grades, process modelling, material and energy conservation of the alumina production, research, engineering and design.
Cocran, Kirk Cell Technology, Cell Room Operation, Material Handling, Alumina Refinery, Gas Treatment Systems, Søderberg Technology (VSS & HSS)
Hunter, John Experience in all aspects of alumina and aluminium manufacturing technologies, engineering, maintenance and operation.
Kegge, Willem  Information Technology, Maintenance, Warehouse, Cost Control Systems.
Leibenguth, Leslie Operation and Management of Bauxite Mines & Alumina Refineries.
Prangenberg, Siegfried Plant Maintenance, Maintenance Systems and Organization, Utilities, Equipment Condition Surveys, Vulnerability Analysis, Warehouse Organization.